• Shop for Dicks

    Products shown each have a different message.  Be careful to pick the right one for the right person otherwise you will be the laughing stock (Dick head) and they will get a free feed at your expense.

    All products are edible packs of Gummy boobs, Gummy penis’ also know as Gummy Dicks or Jelly Willy’s.   They are probably called other things depending on your location, but you get the idea!!  Also in our product range are balls and other items that can be used to offer an insult.

    Yes, they are totally edible, and delicious just in case you are not sure.  All bags are factory sealed.

    At the moment due to logistical reasons, we only operate in Australia and New Zealand.  We are open to offering these items to other area’s but sender would need to pay extra freight.  If you would like to explore this option, please contact us via email with location and product..