Salim Mehajer

by Dick
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Salim Mehajer Dick of the Century.

Lets go from most recent backwards.
last week he sponsored a beauty pagent that was won by hi sister???

Last month he was suspended from his position as deputy mayor after voting for changes to a construction building height which it turned out he owned. The gain in height increased the value of his asset by 1 million.

The council also approved the sale of a building to his company for 1/2 its value!!

He has been caught driving his super sports car unregistered. Which is not so bad, but he has been getting someone else to take the blame and the demerit points.

He practically shut down a whole suburb to hold a huge lavish wedding, inconveniencing his neighbours, but no apology and just a $220.00 fine which to him is 1 minutes work.
He also laid artificial turf on council land without council approval and may have to remove it.

It has also been reported that he made threats to someone involved in the Lindt Cafe siege. and has been in court for various other matters.

He has a blatant disregard for rules and authority, as well as a lack of respect for his fellow neighbours.
He is taking advantage of his authority and position which thankfully he has lost.

At this point in time, he is probably the most deserving of a bag of dicks.

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