• Revenge

    Are you here because you want

    Sweet Revenge”?

    Yes, that’s right, you are here because you’ve been “Dicked” or “Boobed” by some anonymous loser who is too scared to insult you to your face, but instead sends you Dicks by mail.  Well here is where you get them back, we offer “Sweet Revenge” for you.  The best part is they have no idea this page even exists and they will be even more surprised than you were.  They did it first so get some Sweet Revenge.

    To get some payback you will need to go to our shop and order the product of your choice.

    Leave the delivery address blank and just write “revenge” so we will know to send it to the person who sent it to you. You will need to fill in your billing details exactly as they appeared on the envelope that you received your “message” in.  We will adjust the standard message to reflect the correct sex of the sender.  We can also give you some examples of appropriate messages for revenge!
    Please Note: we will not divulge the name or address of the person who initially sent to you, so don’t ask.

    Send a dick

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    What the hell is this??

    If you arrived here by accident through a search engine,  you may be wondering what this is all about, you should start at the beginning, go ahead and go to www.sendadickdicks.com.  But be warned our sites are for over 18 year old’s, if you are not 18 yet LEAVE NOW.  If you are a bit prudish and the word “Dick” and all its derivatives offend you, then LEAVE NOW.  If just the mention of “tits” or “boobs” makes you blush, you should probably LEAVE NOW.

    For the rest of us that enjoy a good prank and a love a laugh, lets Send some “Sweet Revenge”.


    They laughed at you…get em back

    Please note:  This site is for Australian recipients and all prices include shipping within Australia.