• New Zealand

    New Zealand map

    New Zealand, land of sheep shaggers and plenty of dick heads

    Due to popular demand, we now ship to New Zealand.

    So, you have a “sheep shagger’ friend who you want to call a Dick head.  We are happy to help, but unfortunately it costs a little more to send something to New Zealand.  Our products are all free shipping within Australia, but we charge an extra $3.00 to send to New Zealand.

    This cost will be added at checkout to your order if your recipient is a New Zealand Dickhead.

    I added some pictures for our amusement (I’m Australian).  Here in Australia we have the giant Koala, the Big Pineapple, the Big banana etc.  Kiwi land decided to copy us and build the “big Dick”, in between two buildings.

    Ha ha, what a bunch of dicks.  If you are a Kiwi and you want to send us a bag of dicks for saying that…go ahead.  (or is it “Ducks” as you would say.)

    Interesting facts:

    In 2006 an Australian, residing in Brisbane, tried to auction the whole country of New Zealand on eBay for just one Australian cent.  He didn’t get a bid.

    After losing a poker bet, a New Zealand man legally changed his name to Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova. The 99-character name was almost denied because the legal limit is 100 characters. Maybe we should send him a bag of Dicks!!

    In the scene of Star Trek: First Contact, where we see Earth from space, Australia and Papua New Guinea are clearly visible but New Zealand is missing.

    Sorry, got off the subject a bit.

    So here’s a couple of pictures for your amusement.  Then Go ahead and order a bag of Dicks.

    New Zealand

    New Zealand Citizenship test. Does your dick get hard?

    Giant New Zealand Dick

    Believe it or not, this is a structure in New Zealand of a giant Dick


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