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Wow, this story is going nuts.

Some Dickhead store manager at JB Hifi Mt Ommany decided to refuse entry to James Milne a 21 year old downs syndrome sufferer.

James was initially mistaken for another person who was barred from entering.

It was found that he was not the person banned, but the manager of the Mt Ommaney store still decided to refuse entry.  This was despite the fact that James was with his family and was obviously not the previous offender.  Shame, shame, shame as our old friend Deryn Hinch would say.

JB Hifi have since published an apology, but only after it was broadcast on the Queensland news stations.  If was a half hearted apology probably drafted by the office girl and signed by the CEO without even looking at it.

They deserve a bag of Dicks more than anyone else today!!

We hope James gets a formal apology maybe in person from the CEO of JB Hifi and a decent package such as big screen TV and PS 4 so he can play the Wiggles and Ben Ten.  Good luck to you mate.

p.s. We dont believe the security guard is at fault, as he passed the decision on to the manager after being told James was not the offender.  I wouldnt want to be a security guard at that store for the next week though.

Send then all Dicks.

Dick Senda.

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