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    How to get hold of Dicks!

    Not sure why you want to contact us, but here it is.

    If you have a complaint email to Idontcare@sendadickdicks

    If you want to contact us for any other reason you can email sendadick@gmail.com

    Management structure at Send a Dick Dicks.

    Richard P Ness.
    CEO Send a Dick Dick’s.

    Dick Senda.
    2IC Send a Dick Dick’s.

    Willy peesome:
    CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

    Richard Cranium:
    Warehouse Chief Dickhead.

    Johnson J. Johnson:
    Dick’s by mail packer and sender (General shit kicker).


    Favorite Quote:

    “A Dick’s life is very sad.  His family is nuts, his neighbour is an Arse hole, his best friend is a Pussy and his owner beats him every day”

    Brisbane Bronco's Dicks

    These Aussie Gummy Dicks were spotted recently at a  Denver Bronco’s game!!  The dickheads spent $2000 before they realised they meant the “Brisbane Bronco’s”.   Oh well, at least they made some new friends.