Caroline Wilson vs Eddie Mcguire

by Dick
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So hears the story (I think),
Eddie and the boys were raising money for charity by sliding into ice water.
Eddie Mcguire offered $10,000 If Caroline Wilson would do same, some mild banter took place with some jokes about holding er under etc. At the same time she was in a studio whilst the same jokes were being made about her to her face, there was also laughter.
Now a week later she is offended by Eddies remarks but not by her colleagues remarks…how strange.
Somehow Eddie and his friends are being accused of supporting domestic violence and Carro is fueling the fire.
So now Rosie Baty is getting in on the act.

Yes Eddie is a Dick, but Caroline Wilson a commentator for a rough and tough sport played by men, (who I might add feels she is entitled to enter the mens changing room) is getting all teary about a comment said in jest. No, all of us husbands are NOT going to bash our wives and hold thier heads under water just coz Eddie Mcguire joked about it.

It’s now at the point where no one can say anything without the risk of being accused of being a racist or a bully.
Time we hardened up Australia, its mostly just grand standing, shame on you Rosie Baty for getting involved. And as for Caroline whats her name….no one knew who she was yesterday and now all of a sudden she’s on every news station. Just a bit of publicity for her I would say. By next week, we would of all forgotten about her again and she certainly hasn’t gained any friends from this little episode.

So who deserves a bag of Dicks in this case??
They both do, Eddie for just being Eddie, lets face it, he may be innocent this time but he is guaranteed to fuck up soon.
Caroline deserves a bag of boobs and a note saying she is a bitch.

No discounts for this one, but I will open up the comments on this post to see how much hate mail I get:)

Go ahead, start sending dicks. (and tits).


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