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    Australian Dicks & Bitches!

    Is there anyone in your life that really annoys you.  Maybe they annoy you coz they are show offs, maybe you just broke up with them.  Maybe they are those types that go around flicking you on the back of your head (or ears) then laugh hysterically, or maybe its your best buddy who has better jokes than you. And, what about Dick pics, they deserve to be told that they are Dicks!!.

    Well whoever it is, we would like to help you get some satisfaction. Let them know they are Dicks or Bitches.

    Forget the send your enemy glitter concept.  We go one step further and have some additions to make it appropriate for those other than enemies, as we all like to prank our friends sometimes.

    Even people you hate will get the appropriate message and if opened in public maybe some embarrassment and ridicule. We have then gone one step even further and made a team product for you to send to an opposing team before a match to put them off.

    We also don’t want to cause possible damage or injury when the flying glitter bomb goes in places it shouldn’t (eyes). There is also a service that sends a potato parcel with a message…what a stupid idea!  The potatoes are rotten sometimes by the time they arrive, and have they thought about quarantine laws between different states.  South Australia is very strict, nothing will get through to them.

    How can we help?

    The idea behind send a Dick Dicks is simple – they are a Dick, we (you) anonymously send them a pack of Jelly Dicks or Jelly Boobs with a message basically telling them “they are a Dick”.  We aim to get revenge or prank whoever you desire, without them having any idea who the sender was.  So what better way to get your own back on someone than to send them one of our “you’re a Dick”, or “you’re a Bitch” parcels.

    If you don’t want to be anonymous, or would like to send an anonymous custom message then that is also a service that we can offer.  Please remember, that threats, bullying and anything that we deem inappropriate, will be sent back for correction.

    So lets get going, the biggest decision now is who are you going to send dicks to and are they going to be jelly willies, soft marshmallow willies, hard peckers or sugary Cola willies.

    Dicks by mail, send a dick

    Click on my picture. Dont get mad, get even by sending a Dick Dicks by mail