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    Welcome to ship Your Enemy Dicks or Send a Dick Dick’s.

    Before you go any further, this website may contain material that some people will consider offensive. If you are under 18 years old LEAVE NOW and do not come back until you are at least 18. Likewise if you are offended by the word “Dick” or “Dicks” or “Willy” or “Pecker” or “Knob” or “Penis” or any other word used to describe a male appendage, then LEAVE NOW and don’t come back. (You can tell your friends though). Ooops, nearly forgot, we may also use the words “Bitch”, “Tits” or “Boobs” within the content of this site.

    OK, now that we have got rid of all the “prudes” let’s get to business. Have you ever known someone who is really annoying for one reason or another, maybe they annoy you because they are cooler than you, or smarter than you, or maybe they are more sporty, or maybe they are just a Bitch or Dickhead.

    Even worse, did someone send you a Dick Pic??  They are the lowest of the low and we are getting a special product in for them, something that insults their size…Dickpic senders be warned.

    Whatever the reason our service offers an opportunity to have a laugh at their expense. This service can also be used to send sweet revenge to an opposing team, an ex spouse / partner, a boss who you hate or anyone you despise. We also offer a unique service by way of a “customised” package.  You get to write your own message.  The Send a dick Dick’s site appeals to those who want to prank someone they love or someone they hate and all in between.

    Unlike other sites that are similar to ours, we do not promote hate and do not use profanity to get our message across it is a simple fun revenge site. Some sites send glitter but that can get in someone’s eyes or in their computer, or their pets may eat it. There are also sites that allow you to send other items to your enemies such as rotten potatoes, mayonnaise or even animal poo. Pretty disgusting and you certainly can’t send them to your friends or family.

    We will send a bag of “Gummy Dicks” or “Gummy Boobs” to your friend or enemy. The envelope will also contain a message letting them know they are a “Dick” or “Tit”. This is harmless and the bonus is they taste delicious, so there is no cleanup and no waste, what a great environmentally friendly idea!!

    So what are you waiting for, go ahead and start “Dicking” people.

    Please note, this site is for Australian customers at this stage.  To date, we are the only site that provides this service for Australian Dick’s….so here we are! 

    The process is simple:

    Step 1: Press order button below and you will be taken to our shop page.

    Step 2: Select the correct product (there are several variants).

    Step 3: Fill out the recipients address as the delivery address.

    Step 4: Fill out your details as the billing address.

    Step 5: Checkout.

    We look forward to helping you get “Sweet Revenge” on your friends and enemies.

    Click here to start sending Dicks